By Xhovan SHYTI –

In several consecutive editorials, “Arberianews.net” has paid attention to the ugly phenomenon of using power to collect as many votes as possible, using a variety of methods from the most evil.

Not wanting to mention all of us, we are focusing on the last two, entitled respectively “Prime Minister, electoral benefit with taxpayers’ money”, and “Electoral fever changes the” end of Edi Rama’s madness “.

In the first we mentioned the phenomenon of inflated promises for salary increases, etc., investments made with the State Budget fund, ie taxpayers’ money for electoral benefits, while in the second the fact that for the sake of it. yes of this purpose. The incumbent Prime Minister, Edi Rama, at the same time the chairman of the Socialist Party, had nothing to do with restoring the law allowing the opening of casinos, right in the center of the capital. Adventure that was banned and sensationalized two years ago, by this Prime Minister himself.

Both of these occur when the election date was announced which prompted the premature launch of the election campaign which is the purest fact to support the comment.

Both are part of the same phenomenon inherited from previous years, when for as many votes as possible, the same mechanism was used by Rama’s ancestors. But the difference between them and the “Kryerilindas” lies in the fact that the latter committed to a “rebirth” of the whole life of the country, which left open to understand the rejection of everything evil of its predecessors.

Especially the vicious phenomena that undermine democracy and fundamental freedoms. Where free voting and pressure-free voting play an important role. Without influences from the power that should not be used to benefit in the function of the only party that administers it, as has happened and, unfortunately, continues to happen even under the “Renaissance” of Edi Rama.

While there is no reflection, from the use of this damaging legacy of equality and human freedom, another fact of this wickedness has found a place yesterday.

The denouncer is the opposition. More precisely, the Democratic Party of Elbasan, which has sued the director of the State Health Inspectorate in this district, Blendi Musai. Reason? Because he distributed to the employees of the institution that administers a form of “vote collection”, as the plaintiff describes it.

“This is the form of collecting votes for the Socialist Party distributed by the Director of the State Health Inspectorate Elbansan Blendi Musai, to the employees under his subordination. This is a crime and serious abuse of office “, comments PD, Elbasan branch, adding that he condemns this criminal act of Blendi Musai and guarantees that he will face the force of law, without any hesitation.

“Today we have forwarded the full data for his report to the Prosecutor’s Office for the commission of the criminal offense provided in Article 328 / a:” Use of public office for political or electoral activities “of the Criminal Code,” said the statement of PD- which guarantees all public administration employees, who do not engage in political activities and do not fall prey to illegal pressure, when I come to power. no act of blackmail or dismissal for electoral purposes will be recognized by the new Democratic Party government that emerged after the April 25, 2021 election.

Without wanting to prejudge this guarantee, we are already mentioning that even the incumbent Edi Rama gave guarantees for the reversal of more than a hundred promises, if he came to power from the 2013 elections, but most of them remained just promises. As well as the non-use of power for electoral gain, guaranteeing freedom and equality of voting, etc./ Arberianews.net

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