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“Defender Europe 21”, Kim: Albania, an important base for NATO

US Ambassador Yuri Kim has highly praised Albania’s role in NATO and according to her this is why our country has a leading role in “Defender Europe 21”, the largest military exercise since World War II.

Kim: Albania’s leading role in this exercise is significant and Albania’s role in this alliance is only growing. Albania is hosting more activities than any other country in the region and this is no coincidence, Albania’s role in the alliance is more important than ever. Albanians have fought beside us side by side in numerous conflicts around the globe. We will never forget your sacrifices and we will always be grateful that when America needs you, when allies need you, NATO is there and Albania is always arm us.

The US diplomat said that Albania offers an important base that enables NATO and the US to respond to regional emergencies and crises quickly and effectively.  

Kim: “Defender Europe 21” prepares for this concept, demonstrates the ability to enter Southeast Europe through Albania. We congratulate the will of Albania to take responsibility. You have never hesitated to offer your troops. This exercise in Albania is historic in itself. This logistical support operation that we have all come to see demonstrates the ability of the US military to send military forces strategically to the right place. The US commitment to NATO is ironic.

 “Defender Europe 21” is taking place as the US and Albania celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and Kim said there is no better way than this to celebrate the commitment to this relationship and the Albanian people.

Kim: This historic exercise is the beginning of even greater things to come. We will train together more often, we will work together more widely. We stand with you side by side, today, tomorrow and forever.

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