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Ardian Lefter Çipa’s letter to Albin Kurti

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of our Kosovo,

Allow me, on behalf of Lefter Çipa’s family, as his youngest son, to express my heartfelt thanks for the homage and appreciation you place on our Father in these days of his passing on to the next life.

Your homage and public appreciation are a great award that comes from our Kosovo, from that Arberian land which our Father had the “Essence” of his heart.

In dozens of poems and songs, but especially in two of his important books: “For Kosovo I will rise again” and “Songs of Ruzana”, our Father had the full pathos and spirit of a good national time for the all-Albanian aspiration. In the late ’80s and early’ 90s, in one of his songs performed with such artistic mastery by the famous Albanian polyphony group, Grupi i Pilurit, the author wrote and sang:

“The time has come,

arber time,

a white cloud comes,

a wish to Kosovo! ”disa .and a few decades ago he had made his badge very desirable:

“Albanians as they are,

they have a cradle and a mother ”.

Our heartfelt family thanks for the consolation of the loss of our Father Lefter can not be separated from the thanks for the mutual homage you do to another Arbëresh bard, Zef Kakoca. In this coincidence, the connection in the DNA of hundreds of years and the relationship between the Arbëresh with our region, Himara and Labëria, is automatically brought to mind and in the mind. For this reason, the force we receive from your message on our pain is twofold.

With wishes and wishes for prosperity and permanent success for you personally and permanently for our Kosovo!

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