FOTO/ Trafikantja superseksi po flirtonte me policët kufitarë për të kaluar 6 kg kokainë, por nuk ja doli


Këto janë fotot e një trafikanteje, e cila flirtoi me policët kufitarë në Arizona të SHBA, në një përpjekje të pasukseshme për të trafikuar rreth 6 kg kokainë nga Meksika në SHBA.

Annet Pikula, 39 vjeç, tentoi të joshte seksualisht rojet kufitare, ndërsa ata tentuan një kontroll në Mercedes-in e saj.

Sjellja e saj në fakt i shtoi më shumë dyshimet e oficerëve.

Pas kontrollit në makinën luksoze, ata gjetën gjashtë pako me kokainë, me një vlerë prej 134 mijë dollarë.

trafikantja Her behavior caused the guards become suspicious and they chose to refer her for a secondary inspection, during which a narcotics-detection K-9 was usedPikula is seen in a social media photoDiscovery: The dog alerted the officials to a hidden compartment inside Pikula's car, where they reportedly found six packages of cocaine, worth nearly $134,000. Above, the packages are pictured on Pikula's vehicle'Drug mule': Officers subsequently arrested Pikula (pictured) and turned her over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations. They also seized the drugs and MercedesSuspect: A person traveling with Pikula (above), who is divorced and was born in Mexico, was not arrestedLife of luxury: 'Flirtation was what was going on,' Reinhart said. Above, Pikula rides a horse in the oceanPapers obtained by Daily Mail Online show that the suspect filed for bankruptcy in 2010Despite this, she is often pictured at the beach in Facebook photos and frequently uploads images of designer goods (above)Passport: This photo of Pikula's passport, posted on her Facebook page, shows that she was born in Mexico. The defendant appears to be wearing an engagement ring in the photo, which was captured in April this yearSeductive snaps: During the secondary inspection of Pikula's Mercedes, the vehicle was subjected to X-Ray and density machines. These machines 'revealed the existence' of concealed substances, officials saidIn debt: Pikula was in over 100,000 dollars' worth of debt when she filed for bankruptcy in December 2010By the sea: Pikula (pictured) currently lives in an £215,000 apartment on East Coronado Road in PhoenixShooting range: In her Instagram and Facebook pictures, Pikula can be seen striking seductive poses in an array of bikinis and engaging in glamorous activities. In the above shot, she wields a gun at a shooting rangeBorn in Mexico: On Facebook, Pikula (right) lists her job as the 'owner of Perfect Pixel Studios Photography'



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